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Imagination & Creativity

Vision and Creativity are essential factors in developing a new artist. That is why we encourage our artists to write their own songs and we enlist the services of some of the Industry’s Top Producers to develop strong beats and song structure.

Producers! You?

2012 is a New Year which promises great opportunities!  After just 1 year of dedication focus and work, Carlene QueenBrit Graham wrote, sung and/or produced all of the songs on her current album ‘Vibrations. So far this year she has recorded new tracks featuring music from some of the industries finest producers. This has led to her receiving interest and following from major recording companies and industry professionals in markets around the world.

Producers if you have a slamming track with HIT POTENTIAL send us a 1 minute sample of your track to:  If we like it, QueenBrit will turn your track into a SONG with HIT POTENTIAL. 

Music Talents is looking for songs to complete QueenBrit’s second album which will be released this year.

Work – our friend.

By working hard we increase our luck and chances of success. At Music Talents we take our work seriously whilst having fun achieving our targets and objectives. We are consistently promoting, marketing and sharing online, as well as fine tuning our live performances ready for top clubs and venues across Europe & the States.


Music Talents is here to help New Music Development and Sales. If you understand where we’re coming from and know of an unsigned music talent, be it an artist, great musician or music producer, then share this link:  Music Talents

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