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So here’s the deal!!…

Click on the pic below to download the album!!

You can hear the album in its entirety before you buy so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting!!

Enjoy 🙂


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This album from QueenBrit comes directly from a drastic turning point in her life.
A time when in utter darkness, she was searching for her light…

“This album was the exact outlet of expression that I needed. It began within almost immediate effect of my arrival in Spain. ‘Vibrations’ allowed me to channel every last measure of emotion that I was feeling, into my music…from the drums through to the vocals. Of course, I often experienced ‘those’ days when I was fighting self-doubt all day long…equally, I experienced days of immense joy at my accomplishment.

With songs like ‘Fast Food’ & ‘Cosmetics’ I was to look at myself objectively & entirely embrace my flaws…whilst songs like ‘No Other Choice’, ‘When The Snow Settles’ & ‘Push It’ are songs that are intended to motivate. Kinda like when you talk to yourself!

Deep down, I’m a sucker for love, so naturally in ‘Before I Go’, ‘Vibrations’, ‘Jurzee Dayz’, ‘Sunshine’ & ‘You Got Me’ I felt free 🙂 Lastly, ‘Happy Endings’ & ‘Front page’ tells stories. Stories that may or may not have a “happily ever after…”. You decide.

The bonus of this whole journey? The fact that I got to experience the whole thing with my father Errol Ross a legend in his own right and Executive Producer of the album.

The whole recording experience was coated from start to finish with unconditional love. I thank God, my mum Angela, my dad Errol, my son Amari & not forgetting my grandma…for everything.

I would like to thank Bjorn & Pedro from Villalobos Recording Studio, Almeria for the opportunity to create & record in the most beautiful studio I have ever seen, or have had the pleasure of working in! For you to have trusted in us to that capacity based on potential alone blows my mind! I am so grateful.

Also, one more member of the team that I would like to acknowledge is Steve, who not only holds it down for us from the office but is our right hand man operating with the QueenBritLIVE crew. Thank you to you all…love you xxx

Keep your ears open & enjoy the journey…much love,

QueenBrit xxx”

Tracks 1 – 9 Written & Composed by Carlene Graham

Tracks 10 – 12 Written by Carlene Graham

All vocals – Carlene Graham

Download the album now!!

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